Thursday, September 17, 2009

2 new Reversible Messenger Hobos!

The last 2 hobos in our 6 hobo challenge! After doing up 2 initially, we decided to do up a total of 6! The fun part was coming up with the fabric combinations! Basically we had a headache since the hobo has to be decently light-weight, yet strong, cute, functional, pretty.....suffice to say we put quite a bit of thought into them! I personally love the Olive LuvBirds a lot since its been a dream of mine to decent pair green & pink together since childhood! I hope you guys find it cute. If you do, I can go tell my old art teacher I successfully made this color combination work! Take that, Mr. Tan! hah! Revenge aside, I love the print a lot, the sky blue elephants too and they've been hogged by me, for a while now. It usually takes a bit of time to use up the fabric since mediation is required while the prints speak to me and tell me what they'll like to be made into!

Elly Blue is a beautiful, yet undertstated creation, perfect for a busy mommy with a little boy! I made this with that image in mind! Holding hands & off to a nice picnic...

Do check them out! ;+)
Its classic totes next! In soft tones, since Autumn is here....

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Lost Mitten said...

I absolutely love the green & pink messenger bag!!! Love the color combo!!!

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