Monday, September 21, 2009

Les Amis Pink Ribbon Hobo Tote

A little birthday special from me to you! I have just gotten the most amazingly mesmerizing french blue polkadots print all the way from Japan! Can't wait to do up a super cute ribbon tote I thought, on my way home! The only thing was which print to match it with! It couldn't be too thick since the drawstring will not work well & it had to be french!

Les Amis in blush seems to be the best. Its light & girly enough to balance out the deep french blues. Ribbon hobos have to be a little lighter than the usual totes for the drawstring ribbons to work well. Do expect a pink polkadots version coming soon! ;+)

Hope you guys like it!

1 comment:

leooh said...

Happy belated birthday!
Can't believe that the hobo got snapped up before I saw it in your shop..I've been waiting and waiting for you to post a girly hobo!Now I must be on constant standby for the pink one;-)

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