Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday Updates: After the flu

Some of you guys may have heard, the head elf of florspace was down with a bout of stomach flu. It eventually turn out to be a full-fledged flu, fever, nose, throat & all, sans the canker sores. It was quite bad actually. I had an inkling (this is the 3rd time) I'm 'allergic' to vegetarian (asian variety) food since they tend to load up on certain types of oil which is really bad for me. I throw up when my body has to process too much oil, sugar & fat. Why am I still on the heavy side, I'll never know. But thank heavens I'm still able to run and jump. Anyhoo, this 'flu' had me sitting on the can while holding a bucket. Suffice to say, I was clearing out the gunk both ways. It was horribly painful, mind-bending & hellish. I was down for 3 days + fever etc. before I thought things took a turn for the better. I threw up & sat on the can again while my tummy decide to give me a numb pain for 2 nights. Somehow, I got much better today - tummyache gone, weakness in my limbs cease & i'm able to sew & type quite normally now. Thanks to mom's everyday porridge & loads of care!

So I wasted no time to do up the reversible messenger hobos (quite a mouthful!), which are rather complicated & time-consuming but are so fun to do up! The final product always makes me wanna do it all over again right away! I know, I know, you guys love the redness, so here's one of the ever ever popular Stroll print from Shinzi Katoh! I'm in love with both the large gingham & red polkadots & somehow in some strange manner, it just quirkily came together! Hmm...must be the little cotton lace that speaks volumes. I love these little pretty cotton laces. They bring almost anything together! 2 more 'red' hobos a-comin'! Before we got 3 more cute ones coming! + we got vegan leather handles from Japan! This means a lot more of your favorite classic everyday totes coming along too! Hope I can get to do that much before heading off to Sydney to join my other half (who's stuck there) for Christmas & the big NYE fireworks! I'm really looking forward to that since I missed it for a handful of years now.

A bunch of our new paper goods also came in! We're changing our card inserts in our purses to these cute ones above! You'll see them with the new purses we do up! And the extra paper goods mean cute postcards, stickers, magnets for all you awesome peeps who buy from us! You know your package always comes with extra love, but this time, the love gets more & more! Because at florspace, we love you & want you to be extra happy! ;+)

Have a great weekend you guys!! ♥♥♥


_pdra said...

Stomach flu is the worst thing ever! :\ It's glad to know that you are back!! :D

Love the new card inserts, can't wait to get one sometime soon! :D

La Pirillinca said...

Those new thank you card are fantastic!! : )

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