Saturday, September 12, 2009

Designer Mico Ogura

One of the reasons for my long-standing loves for Japanese fabric is its designers. Often we overlook who they really are! I admit I'm a tad slow when reading interviews in Japanese in the mags, but I do try really hard! hehe I love how Mico Ogura's designs are mostly small, yet clean, adorable & appeal to the purest of hearts. When I look into her designs, I am reminded of my childhood, the days when we played catch in the sun & went to elementary school. It does make me slow down a little and appreciate the simple things in life. There was an interview with her I believe in an earlier issue of Cotton Time magazine. I'm gonna have to rush off to school for a project so I'll have to leave the referencing til later. :+) Though, if you read Japanese, hop on over here. And some things she does.

Just wanna say that the 2nd 'red' reversible messenger hobo is up in the store! The Shinzi Katoh's Still one got snapped up last night and I'm so happy coz this one's going out of the country, all the way to Austria! Yaaaay! Anyhoo, I knew I'd wanted to pair up this very french print with a french linen. Unfortunately, this geographical location has a serious lack of french linens and ticking. It was after some search that I came across this pretty linen canvas version! All the way from France! Combined with baby gingham for the cute, girly & innocent feel, + the cotton measure tape trim, this perfect little hobo is almost made for a cute mom with a little girl! ;+)

The simple, innocent days are always best. ^___^

ps, the Messenger hobo is right here!

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chrysalis1975 said...

What wonderful messenger bags and what great talent you have for creativity!! I hope one of them lasts until payday at the end of this week, so I may purchase one! Take care---Tame

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