Friday, February 12, 2010


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Well, this is it. A trip spoken of for a couple of years now in my little family and we're finally taking it. I've been there quite a while ago and all I can remember was the heat, crowd and temples, especially this beautiful one up there! Not very far from the description of where I am right now (Singapore), but a break is a break. In some ways, I do wish I'm taking off alone, without DH, without family, a real break from everyone to Europe or something. But before that happens, its Bangkok.

We'd booked this thing before I set off for Sydney last November to escape the inevitable questions from my extended family about my marital status during the impending Lunar New Year home visits this year as DH is in Sydney and won't be making his way back. To make that explanation over and over to people will literally kill me so I decided to simply escape. Apparently my family loves vacations anyways. Kinda a way to escape to an alternate reality, at least for a while! Not liking the potential of getting charred skin and athlete-grade sweat-fest in the crowded city but I'll try my best to ignore that while I look forward to exotic food, architecture, bit of shopping & hopefully a lot of photo ops!

Wish us luck!

ps: Orders will be shipped promptly on the 17th should they be made during our trip from 12th to 16th.

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Annie said...

I hope u had a gd short trip. Hmm...rem our, ok? Btw, ur earlier post on 'homemade pizza' is great but i doubt I will try my hands on it as my mum does not like pizza. keke...

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