Monday, March 08, 2010

Beware the Ides(eyes) of March

Obviously I was gonna whine. About the unforgiving nature of cellulite, white hair and the damn rush of time. Not that we really can do anything about the last one. My trip to Bangkok has been wonderful, loads of family time, culture, nice people, food and shopping. So good was the little trip that the withdrawal hasn't quite worn off. When I got back, the joy of exploration was suddenly removed. My emotional state plummeted, so low that I've quite lost the ability to motivate myself into doing things that I love. It became a "have to do" and I've always hated that. I think I've got the ups and downs of a bad behaving artist. Hence the excuse for not writing. ;+)

It has since gotten a little better as the memories of the trip wears off though I know school work is gonna tie my hands up again as the papers are due, very soon indeed and while we busy ourselves with the restocks of over 20 very popular & long-awaited MiniZs, we're also putting up our Cruise 2010 collection. I pray school isn't gonna kick my ass too hard this time. I've got one more semester to go after this one and I'm done. DH is still busy with finishing his phd paper and I miss him & Sydney terribly. Its funny but the only solace is to experiment with new recipes at home with mom. Today we created veggie mini Okonomiyaki. It was pretty good! I'll put up the recipe soon. Promise.

And I'm back to whining about how can I beg for more time to do everything and still actually have a life, visit museums, go to my fa cafe without looking at the time & browsing at bookstores. Hell, I actually miss my bed! How do you guys chill in this day & age?

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