Saturday, March 20, 2010

Managing time...

So I've finished one accounting theory case study paper. The whole thing left me feeling more loathing of the finance and economics driven world more than ever. Its all about who owns the most cash gets the most say. Where's the love dude?

I shall not bore you guys with the gory details. I went straight out with my girlfriends for dinner after I sent in the paper, in the pouring rain no less. It was dramatic! I was glad to rid of some of the semester's work. there will be one more Audit report due in 2 weeks and then exams at the end of April. But all that aside, I'm seriously dying to crawl back to my drawing table & sewing machine to make stuff! Its weird but creating stuff, despite the sweat & ouchies, is really the only thing that takes me away from it all. My current fav is the Snaps wristlet purse. They are so so so cute to behold! Of course, and having great times with friends. But, I simply must learn to manage time between studies & making stuff. :P

What do you do to wash yourself off from cruelty of the world? ;+)

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Annie said...

I hv difficulty managing my time too. I tried to go by the daily schedule I draw up for myself but always fail to follow thru it. Thus, I have given up on it. :P It is always great to be around my girlfriends. :-)

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