Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cruise 2010 - Come away with me...

I got so excited about this little collection I had to shoot a couple more vanity shots just because! LOL A little story/inspiration to tell about these new totes.....

Well, as you may have already known, I journeyed to Bangkok, Thailand & back. It was such a wonderful flurry of sights, food and shopping, the only desire I had was to make the trip last. Even under the scorching sun during the weekend markets, I had close to no complaints I swear. Usually I'd curse & rant til the sun sets or til I'm back in the protective shield of some place with AC. Obviously the last thing on my mind was appearance. I know, I know, appearance is everything, its the first thing someone sees you as! But hell, sometimes we're so frustrated with the bazillion things we have to do! Hence the stripped-bare simplicity of this collection.

I wanted something that would hold a lot of our necessities, including a lot of supposedly uncalled for items we may or may not want the world to know! These totes will do their job functionally. Open it wide to hold your mags, papers, novels, bottles of water, fold umbrella, wallet, cosmetic, you kiddo's toys, bottles & towels etc. The best thing is that you can zip it all up and no one will be allowed to peek in nor steal your latest purse sitting right on top while you're shopping. Which makes it the best tote for travel! No more stuff falling out when you put this baby in the overhead compartment! No worries about your appearance either coz these grab n go vegan leather handles will last! The simple, chic prints will take you anywhere. Plus the little details will be such eye-candy!

All you need now is a little imagination & a little getaway!
Come away with me!

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Patty's Cottage said...

nice collection of bags:) look very chilling and refreshing!

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