Thursday, March 25, 2010

Polkadot felt MiniZ!

We'd hardly have solid colored MiniZs at our shoppe coz we thought you guys might find it boring. But its so hard not to cut up these super cute felt for a MiniZ! Might have something to do with the thickness of felt that makes the purse slightly pouffy. I think they turn out pretty cute!

The great thing is that they'll be perfect for your gadgets since the felt protects them.

I'd borrow dad's Cybershot for these pictures, obviously I'm using mine. ;+) I've been using Cybershot compacts for about 2 decades now and they work amazing. Even withstands my occasional clumsiness! The compact cameras would fit in these miniZs nice & snug! Just unzip and pop them out for a quick snap! No more boring black cases!

See them right here!

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