Saturday, March 13, 2010

On new design - The Snaps Purse

I had these internal flex frame snaps for a little while now. Its tucked away with the other hardware. Like someday, I'm gonna have enough time to actually use up all of them. Its always so hard to resist these amazing bag-ware that promises a fressh new perspective to purses which I am forever looking for. Obviously, these snaps were one of the good ones, thicker metal, wider frame. I'd always do a ton of research before settling in for something, to make sure its the good stuff! It took me a while to figure out a size that would be visually pleasing yet super functional, as per our philosophy for almost 4 years now. Where has the time gone?!

I decided that it has to be puffy to be cute & accomodating. The 2" wide bottom in this design really adds to the holding power of this thing. Currently, the one above holds my keys, lippy, mints, usb, hair clips with space to spare. I tried putting a pair of clean rolled up socks and it gladly fit in! I think that it really cute-ify my purse coz there's this puffy thing inside everytime I open my tote. I have had to fend off grabby hands on 2 occasions when I brought it to class. You know who you are! LOL

Okay, so I thought it would be unfair if I'd talk to the heavens about the new puffy-snap-purse thingy without offering one in the shoppe. Strawberry snaps turned out SO darn cute, its tough to let her go actually! The polkadots felt make her look like a furry strawberry you just wanna eat up! Ok, I won't but let's see who's gonna pick her up & have a new candy hanging from her wrist! I'm planning for a lemon & blueberry Snaps, right after the Cruise totes. Keep your eyes peeled then!

Man, the MiniZ restocks are killing us! But good news for you guys! They're perfect for organizing your tote!

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