Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The St Paddy's Day Top

I looked in my closet and there was nothing green! 'Cept for an old grass green tank & a flutter cami, I was out of cute green! Nothing else to do but to whip one up. I didn't want to get pinched on St. Paddy's Day. LOL Besides, I want to fit in when I meet a Leprechaun. ;+)

The design is relatively similar to the Babydoll dress I made earlier.

The top portion is from an old navy tee, cut about 6" across from the bottom. It depends on how "thick" you want the top panel to be. I find 6" works for me.

I used cotton gingham for the bottom panel. You'll need your hip measurements, add 5" for the gathering effect & 1" for seam allowance. In my case, I cut out one long rectangle and stitch up only one side, which sits on the center back. You can choose to cute 2 rectangles & stitch up both sides. Fold up 1/2" twice of the bottom raw seam & sew across. You can choose to add ruffles if you like. I think I might do that later. ;+)

My pockets are about 7" square. If you have leftover from your tee, cut 2" strips & add them to the top of the pocket for interest. I added some cotton lace as well. To place the pockets, place your rectangle tube flat out. Measure 1.5" from side and bottom & pin your left pocket on for sewing. Do the same for the right one.

The tough part is to fix the top & bottom panel plus the elastic all together. You'll need a piece of elastic that will sit comfy around your under bust & stitch the ends together first. I find that the elastic stretches out a little after sewing so I usually make sure its a bit snug on the under-bust, not tight though. Put the top panel into the bottom panel, good sides together. Find the center of each section, pin the top & panel bottom together.

When you've pinned at least 8 sides, use the same method, add the elastic on. This stage can be trying & annoying, but keep going knowing your top will be cute! Have a drink or take a BREAK if you need!

When you're all done pinning, go to your sewing machine, pick the longest stitch, start at the side seam. Stretch both front & back while sewing. Go slow. I went 2 rounds to make sure everything is nice and tight. Flip it around, you're almost done!

If you like to have shoulder straps, cut 13" by 8" for 2 strips, fold lengthwise, good sides together, sew up the sides, flip it inside out and iron flat. Measure your favorite top's shoulder straps if you don't know how long it should be. You can choose to add ruffles to the sides or add lace, ribbons, etc. Its good to wear your top at this time and find out where you want your strap to sit. mine was 3.5" from the side. For the back placement, you want to place it a little angled and inner than the front placement. This will ensure the strap sits nicely on your shoulders.

You're almost done here! I added small white buttons for fun but you can do anything else! ;+) I'm already thinking of doing yellow summer tops & of course, pink ones! :D


Gabriela said...

Absolutely perfect green tunic. i loved!
congrats! :D

Cindy said...

Your green summer top looks pretty and so comfy to wear. :)

Thumbs up :D

florspace said...

thanks guys! :+) do try it out if you're free!

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