Sunday, March 21, 2010


They say its spring! I know quite a lot of you guys are snowed in and looking earnestly at the sky, hoping the sun would shine soon (you twitter peeps!). I admit I don't really know how that really feels like as I spend more than 2 decades in a mid-summer all year round type country. It ranges from ridiculously humid & splashing wet to monstrously sauna-like warmth. I used to yearn for cold weather and curse myself for having been born here in Singapore. The thing about summer is that clothes get boring and well, you don't get to 'cover-up'. When I went over to Sydney, it was bliss for half a decade. I shelled out for hand knit baby merino jumpers (sweaters), trench coats, pea jackets & all kinds of booties. I loved the layering effect a lot. Obviously, I got a little loose-y with the snacks. Now that I've been back here for a while, I've sort of gotten used to the obnoxious heat since its much easier to workout outdoors without having to spend too much time warming-up & gasping for air in the cold. Clothes do get boring (tees, shorts, havaianas), but its easier albeit unforgiving to watch the changes, so no more piling on snacks. :P

I hope it gets better for you guys who are battling/hating the cold. Stay close to the fireplace/heater! And yes, spring is here! Still hoping that someday I'll get to sit beneath a sakura tree and watch the flowers fall around me. I gotta settle for sakura prints for now. If you love them too, do check out the cherry blossoms MiniZs in store! The prints are amazing, better yet, printed on dobby weave cotton which gives a beautiful texture & feel.

Happy spring everyone!

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