Saturday, January 23, 2010

Time to Play!

Its the weekends and its time to play! My new favorite tote, so cute, it takes a lot of energy to be away from it! LOL Made for play inspiration during your boring work days and of course, it'll be the perfect tote for gallivanting! ;+) I love this print loads coz of my personal childhood addiction to lego blocks. The myriad of little colorful blocks offer SO much possibilities! A cottage today, a bridge tomorrow, a city the next!

Hopefully this cheery little tote will bring its new owner loads and loads of fun, luck and possibilities in this new year ahead! yaaaay!

Don't forget to check out our gadget case too! ;+)

1 comment:

Piggy said...

SO cute! Love the little cottages & house :) Stunning tote.

God Bless

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