Sunday, January 10, 2010

Returning to my first love...

Almost 4 years ago as I was frustrated with the rat race, I started making purse out of the need to go back to something wholesome I could just do and enjoy. I was already knitting and crocheting, but it wasn't quite as satisfying. I was actually doing well in the rat race, my bosses liked me because I work hard & fast but it wasn't fulfilling at all not to mention I wasn't one to wake up darn early and brave the morning rush hour before breakfast & coffee. I was drained. Fast forward, I'm a lot happier pottering around my fabrics, dreaming & making things! But like everything else, I got bored...again. Its a strange feeling but when I got news that this particular print was available in a small production again, I was suddenly awaken again! It prolly sounds ridiculous to everyone reading but this ONE piece of fat quarter that landed in my hands 4 years ago single-handedly drove me out of the rat race and back to my dream land! I had searched endlessly for weeks, I remembered to no avail because by the time I chanced upon this print, it was long out of production. I don't know why but the retro-cuteness had become my classic! Something just clicked in me. I had only one amazing fat quarter of fabric but I shared anyway. Oh how I miss that tote! It might be time to make another! :D

So we wasted no time in acquiring another limited amount of this print, just out of love for these amazing mushrooms! Its been such a tumbling year of ups and downs so we're starting 2010 rekindling our love for the classic and the simplicity of life and of course, loads of mushrooms and joy!

The set of 5 very limited purses are available in our shoppe. Be quick.

We're in the midst of more RED sets to come! In time for the Lunar new year & Valentine's day. Got a request? Send it in to us, soon. :+)


Maluhia said...

My obsession with Japanese fabrics started with the green version of that print. When I saw that they are being printed again last year I bought 3 bolts in 3 different colors. LOVE IT!!!!

Piggy said...

Love mushrooms. Just pieces. Love your post. I am still in the rat race. Not sure when I can get out. :( Thanks for sharing.

God Bless

florspace said...

Maluhia, thats awesome! unfortunately, they're not cheap, but really quite worth it! ;+)

Alice, no shame being in the rat race. I might have to re-join it sometime. :P keep going, there's something good in everything. :+)

Annie said...

I don't think you're absurb in getting out of the rat race. I can see where you're heading to and glad that you found sth u like in doing which I myself is still in midst of searching...hope I'll find my niche soon. I like ur new collections...match the coming festival mood too.

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