Sunday, January 31, 2010


Suddenly I realised I'm tired. Its been sorta building up these days. Between the last year of school beginning to kick my ass, making stuff, listing Decole goodies, & some gnawing life issues, I'm beat. Seriously.

A fellow crafter asked on twitter if I'd slept among creating all the stuff for the shoppe.

I was amused but in reality, I do sleep. Just that maybe the recent cloudy dreams of my childhood memories makes it even harder for me to be fully rested and energetic for the day. I kept floating through the day and living through dream-state at night. I might be yearning for simpler days. I'm not sure. Boy am I confused!

And I miss Sydney. The pace is definitely slower. Yes it gets crowded and noisy but there's always a quiet space to escape to. My apartment, the park, museum, by the harbor, somewhere! But here in Singapore, like Hong Kong / Shanghai / Tokyo etc (if some of you guys have been to those places!), there isn't really a quiet space per se. I'm not kidding, since as I speak, my neighbors upstairs are screeching their furnitures. I prolly ought to mention they sometimes do that at 3am. Periodically, they drill / hammer their walls at 11pm. I'm not sure whats up. I completely understand the agony of getting used to crowded asian cities as some of my friends have mentioned. Today an american dude yelled at a bunch of local kids who were blocking the entrance of a supermarket/mall. He spent most of his time knitting his brows in the supermarket after. I don't think he enjoyed the shopping trip. I didn't either, coz I came home distressed and head-heavy. The 100deg weather prolly doesn't help either.

Gonna need a lot of decent rest to hit the ground running again. (>__<)

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StitchinSista said...

Even from across the sea I could tell you've been working so hard and I was a bit worried... I guess it's a sign, everyone needs to slow down sometimes to take a brief break, for your body and spirit.

I totally get the emotion you describe here. I spent half my life in Japan, have lived in Australia (and traveled to Singapore) I can see the stress you get in a busy life in a crowded city of Asia.

Take a rest! Go spend a day at your favorite place. Forget about the business for the day. You deserve it after all the work you did recently.

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