Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Kitchen-sink totes!

Its days like these I wish I had a bigger tote. Last week, I was stuck in school, lugging bunch of books, my laptop and a small purse I'd insist on using for the day. It was one of my earlier creations. And I thought it was super cool & chic to just be with my maxi clutch and my macbook. But nooooo.....I ended up with 2 textbooks and A4 sized notes which had no where to go but crumpled and dog-eared by the end of the day. I do need a tote. Something to hold everything, still look great and not make me look like some clumsy chick juggling stuff on my hands rushing for classes. Ugh.

Hence the creations of bigger totes that combines cuteness, style, utility and durability. The japanese denim I'd painstakingly collected a while ago came to mind for the bottom so that we can throw it around and it'll still look great. Besides, denim looks better with use and age. ;+) I'm quite particular about denim, the color, feel and grains. I don't own 30 pairs of jeans like my some of my friends do. But I digress! This denim fabric is ever slightly stretchy, with beautiful diagonal grains integrating lighter and darker threads. It feels tough yet comfy. I'd imagine it'll be perfect for a skirt, but thats for later!

The top panel is one of our all time favorites that has gone out of production. We don't have a lot of it, like many of our other prints, we try very hard to make the best of very bit! The amazing combination of animals, dolls, fruits, trees over colorful meadows just takes all of our weariness away! To soften the harsh lines between Wonderland and the dark denim, we added a strip of lattice lace. For further cuteness & girlyness, red white polkadots for the inside and a peek of it is seen on the top. After much contemplation for the handles, we decided that navy blue woven handles are best, to match the bottom denim and bring everything together, but most of all for comfort and durability to withstand use!

We are planning for more to come, divided between the need for cuteness & utility, you'll see both small and large totes! For now, check out Wonderland!

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