Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sweet Love

We present the 2nd collection of 2010! Its the season of pink, spring, the lunar new year and valentine love! Its a lovely coincidence that the lunar new year coincides with valentines and with many of my friends knotting up this year, we can't help but be surrounded by loads of overflowing love of all kinds! I bet my frozen friends in the northern hemisphere can't wait for the first flowers to bloom and for warmth to finally shine in! Hopefully this little burst of powder pink brings in loads of hope for this year!

One of our favorite prints, amazing sweets of all kinds pepper through the classic pink gingham background! We love to marvel at the beautiful creations just like poking our noses into a french bakery! Best of all, its absolutely fat-free. How cool is that? :D I also took the liberty to cutify the classic everyday tote with an extra large serving of strawberry cupcake with lemon creme frosting and a popping red cherry! It is So Sweet! ;+)

So take a break, make yourself some warm tea, grab a cupcake & check out the collection at our shoppe now!


Anonymous said...

This is soooo sweet! I love pink and it's always my favie colour. This collection is a heart stealer!
Flo, are you still in Singapore?
I am going back in 2 weeks time, and am thinking to buy some of your stuffs from you there.

Vicki said...

I have awarded you with the Sunshine Blog Award because I have bought off you on etsy you are a lovely person and you make the cutest things - I have 3 wallets at home made buy you!!!!

Check out your award here

Vicki White x

florspace said...

Swiedebie, Yeap, I am in Singapore! Free post if you're ordering here! ;+)

Vicki, Thanks so much! Its such an honor!

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