Monday, April 14, 2008

A little better

I'm feeling a bit better, after some midnight snacking and finally being able to pen down exam notes and also swallowing some of it while my magic elves worked on the purses (Thanks Mom!). Studying for exams is hell for me. Its not much the studying itself, but the starting process. Its a curve as steep as vertical limits. Getting up there is sleepless nights worrying about how to get there. Ok, I prolly don't make much sense but anyhoo, I'm glad I started. Oh and thanks SO much people who gave me comments and emails to make me feel better. You guys really help me get thru the verticality of it all! My uh, "friends" in school much prefer to study alone and when I do that, I get so distracted by my pile of fabrics. LOL I need to go out.

Oh yeah, and I'm also feeling better coz I got half my skin out. Dead skin, that is. I got inspired to do a sugar scrub after hearing so much about it and I saw a Threadbanger episode on it, I decided I have to do something. Commercial scrubs are a tad too pricey and god knows if there are bad chemicals in it. Hell I can do a scrub. So yeah, all you need is brown sugar and some oil. I pick sunflower/olive for nourishment and moisturizing qualities. Mix them up well. You'll need strength for that. Note, don't add too much oil or it'll feel too oily after bath. If it does feel too oily for you, wash over with an organic soap. Voila, new skin. Baby soft. I think I slept better too. Interested in making your own fresh and safe stuff? go here. Oh and I also use a oatmeal/cucumber/honey/bit of milk mix for a fresh face scrub. Yeah, I love scrubs. LOL

Another way to feel better? Music. I love this cute one, guaranteed to make you smile and Snoop Dogg never fails to make me feel better. He never gets old! Beautiful, I Wanna Love You (clean. search for the full version if you're over 18 ;+), Sensual Seduction, Signs(the one with Timberlake who actually looks kinda cute in it!).

So yeah, go, feel better my friends!

Hazel: Great to hear that! And yeah, its way cheaper. :+)

Laura: Hey! Those buns are actually plain through with a tinge of chocolatey flavor inbetween. They are called Mantou, traditional chinese buns. You might find them in the frozen section of your local asian market. Sprinkle bit of water on it, cover it with some wrap and 'wave for 40-60secs per bun you have in there and out comes hot yummy buns!


Hazel said...

Hi Lyn,
I can sure understand how you might get distracted from your studying with all those gorgeous fabrics you work with (great to have such a kind Mummy). Coincidentally I also tried a sugar and olive oil scrub this week for the first time after googling 'scrub for dry skin'! It worked pretty well I have to say, and at a fraction of the cost of a store bought one I was smiling :)

Angel said...

Hey girl! Best of luck for your exams!!! Miss ya...

Laura said...

Glad you're feeling a bit brighter, Lyn.

I've seen you post those bun/cake things before. What exactly are they because they look delicious?!

Laura x

Laura said...

Cheers for that Lyn! They do look delicious. There are a couple of Asian supermarkets round the corner from my boyfriend's place. I'll pop in there and see if they have any Mantou. Yum!

Laura x

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