Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Restocks! + Q&A

A whole bunch of restocks! I'm embarassed. I held onto them for like a month before they finally went live in my shoppe. Looks like I'm biting more than I can chew right now, especially at school. Loads of things happened. Like I failed my stats test but got high distinctions for the rest. LOL Its a nutty world out there. And lots of people (i.e. my friends) are getting married or already are married. So I get haggled by the folks, "When's your turn?" You know its not funny when it happens more than a bazillion times. I'm comfy with being single with DH. Besides, getting divorced is a hassle and messy. I got to know that from my law class. Apparently women are trouble. As if the men aren't?!

Talking about restocks. I'm busting out the rest of those old favourite prints. Most of them are almost out of stock. Like 3 piggies, French Kitchen & H&G. I love them all but *tears* to saying goodbye! But I know they'll be happy with you! Whoever their sweet new owners are! I'm getting requests for newer fabrics which will be coming a little later in the year. Now its time for spring, lots of bright colors and fun stuff!

Talk about being a dork for fabrics. I had the ever so coveted Branche fabric from Shinzi Katoh for quite a while now and couldn't bring myself to cut it up. I just did today after digesting more law topics for the exams. To hell with studying. Sewing is so much more fun! LOL I know, I know, its morgaging my future. But I'd finally cut up the fabric and made something nice. You'll see, soon. ;+)

Oh yeah, and I did a Q&A for someone and thought I'll post the answers here coz I"ve been getting the same questions from people. :+)

~ How do you work? (at home, in a studio?)
At home, home studio if it sounds any better. :+) Its pet free, smoke free, oil free, but not yelling-kids free. I live sandwiched between 2 families. One above, one beside. But its a sanctuary after 12am.

~ Do you give yourself a certain time frame to work within?
I don't! I have super bad time management so I can be found sewing myself nuts in the day, taking pictures then resizing/editing/uploading them in the evening and tending to questions and putting up new stuff, updating advertisement when necessary. More often than not, I do packing of orders between 3-4am. People find that crazy but I love what I do too much to really care about the time!

~ How did you manage to set up your business?
I think etsy helped a great deal. Without etsy, I prolly won't do it at ebay nor yahoo auctions. Sorry about the badmouthing! I ebay-ed for 12 years but its never quite happy. Etsy has a really warm community, people are passionate about DIY which is really rare. Setting up florspace took a really long time. Thinking about it, actually setting it up, logos, graphics, admin, testing goods, packaging...I could go on. It took a while to really settle in.

~ Is the business your main income?
Yeap, for now. Some people around me are dying for me to fail and then go back to sitting in a box, wearing drab greys and saying, "yes boss". I earn a hell lot less, work a hell lot more but I'm tons happier. Really. I'm never pressured to buy the latest IT bag or flip through Vogue at work just to impress people. Hopefully ever again.

~ How do you cope with modern technologies? Do you use any in your work? (photoshop/illustrator etc?)
I'm embarassed to say even my website is um, undone at this moment. I'm almost teflon to programming lingo and also to adobe anything. I'm dying to learn but time isn't on my side right now. Anyone wants to do it for purses? :+)


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Sei Sasaki & Atsushi Miyamoto said...

I just checked out your store. Wow, I must say you are very talented! I really like your stuff. I too recently opened an online store. Still a lot of work ahead!

Goodluck with everything!
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