Sunday, March 30, 2008

Pochette a Mouchoir

Whew! This took a Loooooong time to finally launch! I got requests for a tissue covers way back last year. florspace is only a baby 1.5 years old so last year is a pretty long time ago for us! Miss pochette a mouchoir went thru several transformations, from just a mere tissue cover to full size MiniZ, to a MiniZ+, then with an added wristlet coz apparently loads of people pack light these days. Are you guys swinging these in clubs? I must go check it out. I'm embarassed to say I have a terrible lack of social life and/or night life. Hmm....I might miss my clubbing days sometimes.

Back to the pochette. We needed something compact coz there was one trial that um, came up too big coz I had wanted to carry 3 packs of kleenex around. Blame my lack of zest for replenishing my supplies, lest I end up at the eatery with no cleanup mechanism! Yikes! This um, happened today. (double sigh) I had to make a beeline for the loo right after the late lunch. Anyhoo, I've asked around and people do replenish regularly, 'cept me. So we went for the streamlined look, expanding on our well-loved MiniZ size, we added a one-kleenex tissue slot on one side and a multi-purpose pocket on the other. The pocket itself went thru trials too! It was too short, then buttons won't fit. But we realised the pocket was deep enough and with stuff thrown in, your subway cards won't fall out. Let me know if they do and we'll revise. I went and expand on the cute matching trim on the edges too! ;+) Makes it so much cuter, methinks.

And so, it came up looking so much like a multi-tasking GI-Joe girl that we had to put a wrist strap on it so that its all you need! Yeap, perfect as a wallet! Yaaaaay!

ps, our inspirations came from thinking about the same thing over and over every waking moment. Just need to add that I don't surf around the net or other's shops to "get inspirations" and ultimately lift someone else's designs. If you're seeing double from our stuff, let us know. We'll be happy to hear and we'll go from there.

***In case you didn't know! MiniZPlus Pochette a mouchoir is a florspace original. We dedicate our lives to creating unique designs for our dearest audience. So if you're a purse maker, please try not to lift our designs/names and call them your own. Thanks!


Hazel said...

You've done it again Lyn!!
The tissue holders are adorable, lovely fabrics, great design and super cute as always :D

marsha said...

wowieeeeee! ME LIKEE! they are sooooo CUTE and not to mention, highly functional! now are you one smart lady or are you one smart lady, hmmmmmmmmmmmm???? ;)

Jo said...

Awww.... Lyn, this is just perfect! No wait, it's more than perfect! :D

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