Sunday, March 23, 2008


Well, someday anyways. I went there on a Europe vacation thing like a decade ago. I miss Paris loads. Everywhere looks so dreamy and romantic. So old world, so put together and decadent. Feels like my kinda town, well, when I can put myself together and lookk that way, that is. For now, its just dream. So dream I did when I found this fabric in Japan. Coupled with the old postage insignias, stamps, flags of France and the Effiel, I knew I was sold! Ok, they had me at the linen and the tower. ;+) I am a sucker for great fabrics, big time.

I love the cute name too! But I can't take credit for it, coz the inspiration comes from my favourite interior store, iwannagohome!. Love them loads, great home things, loads of proper glasses in gorgeous cabinets, chandelier and french chairs imprinted mugs and espresso cups, plus have you seen their gigantic Mr Burns-esque chair? Wow. Regardless of how big I am, it prolly sits 3 of me. LOL DH would've loved it. He's got delusions of grandeur. Now I'm gonna need Diptyque candles and I'm all set. I'm also perpetually in love with the apothecary jars on their hall tables, the selection of exquisite faux flora and the luxe cushions on the seats. I could go on!

Anyways, do check out the cube at my store! I'm loving the understated French Bleu snaps yet a rouge zipper sets it all in a different light when you open it. A little shy and a little unexpected...

We added the matching tote! Check it out!

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