Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter everyone!

Happy Easter everyone! My god, where does the time really go? I spent the whole day making new stuff. Expect some new goodies, cute and functional of course, coming to town! I had to squeeze out a day to do hands-on experiment when all I did thru the week was bust my brain over management accounting and stats. Eugh. Anyhoo, do take time out during this long weekend, take a long hot shower, read a book, pray, join in the egghunt, eat lots of chocolates & spend good times with the family! Afterall, how often do we get to do all that?!

And ps, we made it to 900! *phew!* I never really thought we would coz it started really small but now our supplies are overflowing and wonderful people have been buying our stuff and touting it for us! Gigantic thanks to everyone who loves us and also those who take time to leave sweet comments for us! They never fail to make us smile from ear to ear! Your continuing support has put food in our tummies and has enabled us to get more and more fab materials for fab goods. Give yourself a hug. You deserve it!

florspace loves you! Remember to keep and stay green!

God bless.

edit: Thanks SO much you guys, for your sweet words! So glad my random ramblings are in some warped way, entertaining! LOL ;+)


Laura said...

900 items sold! Woohoo!

Well done, Lyn. I love all the things I've bought from you - everything you make is so gorgeously perfect.

Here's to the next 900 items!

Have a great Easter!

Laura x

ismoyo said...

Congratulations on the 900 sells! Good job. Wishing you a happy easter too!

Sophie said...

I love your Etsy shop and your blog. I only recently discovered both, but have done a post featuring one of your wallets today! Hope you dont mind, keep up the good work.

Hazel said...

Congratulations Lyn!!!
I so enjoy reading your blog and your etsy shop is great. Jemma, Amber and I all use our mini purses every day love them :)
Thank you for finding all the cute fabrics and creating such good quality items.

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