Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hogging is a bad habit!

I've been chided! Hogging purses is not a good idea. My gigantic wardrobe, the kind that would house a family in tough times is literally overflowing. Um, yeah, besides clothes, there's the toys, purses and more um, stuff. So when I wasn't releasing these super-coveted Attumn Trees cube, I got yelled at. By mom, no less. So there, this is the 3rd last one, i.e., there's only going to be 2 more left in the world before it goes extinct. Unfortunately, I couldn't locate this fab print when I was in Japan which was a major bummer. Its perfect for the cubes and everyone seems to love it! This 1/3 release though, has a tiny tiny issue. It isn't major to me, so you decide.

To uh, squeeze out every bit to make these yummy cubes, I had to squeeze out all the fabric I had! So hence, this one shows a tiny tiny bit of the selvedge text at the corner of the top zipper part. Just one tiny section, no biggie, I swear. The rest of the wallet is still in the usual fab quality and shape. You won't even see it most of the time coz it puffs up anyways.

Still, its really up to you! ;+)

(will try to get rid of hogging habit.)

edit: Lesley (ericandles), that is so great to know! At times when I feel crushed by the world, its sweet feedback I get from you guys that makes me wanna keep going. Thanks SO much!

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ericandles said...

I just received my wallet just like this one! I ADORE it. Thanks so much for making my first Etsy experience wonderful. And thanks for the extra treats you sent...they were enjoyed by my girls (and me).

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