Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The rain pours endlessly

"Kiss me" hedgie from loveberries (Candi)

Its been one weird week. DH left and the rain came. He's a fan of rain and was lamenting how needlessly hot it was and the rain never came. Its been pouring, anything from tiny snow-like specs to cats and dogs, like right now. I'm stuck at a cafe, with a smoked salmon caesar salad as lunch and um, a very heavy laptop (still). I had a test on Tuesday, which made me miss my ortho med appointment with the hospital (knee pains) and no sleep last night (literally so I know there was rain all night!) to finish a crazy amount of tutorials the lecturer decided to smack us with, knowing well there's no recourse since its the mid-sems period. Not just that, to add to the cruelty to students, he'll "pick" 2 this morning for hand-ins out of the bazillion questions we had to do. Law mid-sem, Saturday morning. I'm so touched by the amount of cruelty undergrads have to go through, I'm almost delirious. Oh wait, maybe I'm just high from the fumes at the back of the public bus that broke down in the middle of the trip here, in the pouring rain. Free rides for everyone! (said the sweet busdriver)

I'm not sure what I'm feeling right now, 'cept pure irritation from the clicking tongues of middle-age "aunties" on the bus who "tsk tsk"-ed at the broken down bus and 2 other accidents along the next complimentary bus ride here. Note to self, must find a world of non-tongue clickers. *strike out 'Xhosa speaking nations*. I arrived at the cafe with my pipe jeans soaked through my knees. Maybe that explains why I needed the ortho, plus I put tremendous amount of stress on the bones trying to run on it. I remember someone saying running is unnatural. He's my kinda guy. Trying to lose weight is a major pain in the ass (or knees/ankles/whatever).

I wanna go home & make stuff!

edit: its pathetic, but I haven't done anything more than register my macbook with apple. *sad*
edit2: Marsha, I totally know what you mean. Sometimes I drag too much to go to the PO and get angry emails! Yikes...but try. Its tough. Beat that and you'll beat procrastination. Really.

edit3: Poor Annie. I know how you feel. Hang in there and thanks so much for reading my random mumblings!


marsha said...

I KNOW! WHAT'S WITH THIS RAIN! It's just absolutely crazy this week! I mean, I know I'm always COMPLAINING about the darn heat, but hey, uhm....this IS taking a bit too far, no?

Anyhoos, I NEED TO GO TO THE PO and I CAN'T!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!

Annie said...

My dear friend,

I understand the irritating part of rain coz my pair of pants was wet thanks to the heavy rain when I returned from my interview on Wednesday evening.

Sigh~I must be a very lousy student and interviewee coz till now I have not landed myself in any reasonable paid job after resting for nearly two months.

Oh yes, not to mention that due to the unpredictable weather, my migrane seems to be back and laundry are piling like mountains.

Haha~I m pouring my grievances to u when u have had ur fair share of it already. Sorry, my friend. Just bear with me lah.

Cheers~Jia you~

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