Thursday, March 06, 2008

DH has left the building

Its official, he's left for Sydney tonight. Its been a flashy couple of days with lots happening and a terrible lack of sleep. Its 2.30am here and I'm left with a sick aftertaste of pure loneliness. Its creepy, slowly and surely envelopes the physical being with little to no warning. And it ends in pure pain. Pictures are from the little Hinamatsuri celebration at home. We didn't get to do this for a couple of years and since he got to extend his stay this time, we got to it. I just realised there was still some Sekihan (kidney bean flavored rice) left in the fridge. Breakfast settled. DH offered me these sweets we bagged on Saturday's trip into town. Its apparently shaped this way so that birds can get to them easily. Its a tad too sweet for me. I'm a lemonade kinda gal.

I'm totally in love with the pink pedestal though.... the one on the left is the lemonade candy, which DH hates. He wrenched his face into a ball when I fed him one. OOps.

DH got this for me yonkers ago. Its the Sanrio version of a Hinamatsuri display. He makes me take it out every 3rd of March. I'm sure I'm gonna miss him loads since we got used to living together. But I'll try to be back in swing really soon. Then there's the mid-terms. Isn't life predictable? Its always something.

p/s: apologies to everyone who's expecting emails from me. I'll get to it soon.


Annie said...

My dear friend,

I have my fair share of a roller coaster life for the past few days. So I guess I can roughly understand what you are going through.

I am sure that you both will work things out on how you can spend more time together.

Take care.Can call me anytime, yeah?

marsha said...

Awwww...i hope you feel better soon ... if anything, just give me a call! :D and hey, i'm totally in love with your HK and MM display!!! IT IS SOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!

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