Monday, March 17, 2008

Hello 888 + taking stock

What a number! LOL I know, I'm unabashedly flaunting meaningless milestones. Its been a long Sunday. I managed to sneeze myself awake (20 times?) this morning at 9am when I planned to sleep myself silly coz I'd been missing out on sleep for weeks now. It was tests after tests, then DH left, then it was lots of lovely people making orders, then more tests. Life does indeed go on endlessly. My head keeps telling me, "you need a vacay". Is everyone feeling that?

Anyhoo, I promise myself this blogpost isn't going to be lamentative (!!), but to give huge thanks to everyone who made up that number! If not for the computer screen, I'd give you a hug. Your support made our motivational gears running and our unending passion to create quality handmade goods. While re-reading florspace's etsy profile, I realised how important it is to stand by the philosophies I'd first created when starting florspace, which is to create individualistic purses that are of quality materials, cute, versatile and most of all functional. I demand each piece to be personally "abused" by me before it goes to you, test stretched at the seams to make sure they survive a purse-wreck while in our bags or when the drop. If I don't see myself buying the item, there's no way it goes into my shop. Its a strict basic rule, at least for us. Looking back, its great that I took a moment to bring myself back to where I'd envisioned instead of being led further with every single day that passes.

Which explains why florspace isn't a hobby. We're not here to make a quick buck, but to share the quality that always should have been but have been lost in the sea of perpetual consumption. So understand if we're a tiny bit pissed when we're being thought of as another home-hobby-turn-shop-for-profit thing. I've always wanted to do this and will always do.

*phew* Its prolly damn weird to be "taking stock" in March. Oh hell.
I'm perpetually late anyways.

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