Friday, March 21, 2008

Dead tired

I can't decide though I'm pretty sure doing a degree is a pepetual pain maybe 'cept for those that you pay for without the pain. Oh wait, your pocket hurts. Ok, thats sarcasm I hear you say. I'm taking a breather, a 5 mins breather before its work, work, work. And then I feel like that guy up there. He's a CJ7. Anyone watched the movie? I caught it on the first day of opening and it was such an adorable and heart warming movie. I've been watching nothing but horror and zombies. It was all DH's fault. No romantic comedys for me. Damn. Anyhoo, I feel dead, like that guy up there, with crosses over my eyes. Hardly slept, just floating through life as it is. I'm worried about school coz I'm not doing too well this semester. 4 of the suckiest modules altogether. Its like planets crap aligned. I plan to wear CJ7, like this. Couldn't resist picking this up while shopping for swap stuff. Hey Isabelle, I bought a bunch of super cute Marie things! Woo-hoo! Must be the stats class backlash?

Ok, I'm going to spend some waking mins playing with my best friends, Crafe and Cotton Friend.
(Sorry Cotton Time, you're late.)

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Annie said...

How did you manage to secure the soft toy of CJ7?I asked popcorn box if they carry it into the market but they said they didn't. I went to watch with my family n him. Total of 5 of us, but I went back to ex-company to catch this movie. Guess you watch it at GV. Moreover, I watched after the 1st week it's screened. Sigh~
I like to share my joy with you, I finally graduated after long 3 years of hell. Haha~
Take care and persevere on, my dear friend!

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