Saturday, March 08, 2008

I am a Mac convert

*gasp* I am now officially a Mac convert. I'm still typing this on my Dell laptop but hopefully not for long. I've been dying to replace my old pc for a while not because its lousy or anything but its chronically heavy and has taken a toll on my shoulders & back. Ouch. Dad told me to wait for the IT Show to hopefully get a better deal. He had already gone earlier to scope out things. I was convinced to go today to take a look after the law lecture in the morning. Big mistake. The place was literally swarming with people. It was like India. But then they all acted like the owned the sidewalk so maybe its more like New York? We could hardly walk and I was under a lot of stress to figure out what I really need and what was available. Size, weight and aesthetics meant the world to me, then of course I get seriously upset when the performance fall short of my incredible demands. It was between the SZ Sony Vaio, another Dell (for sake of loyalty and the great package!) and Mac. I was even considering Mac because of the improved features it offered. I've always been a PC user and had a brief stint with it back in Sydney Uni. It was a horrible time with the "Jelly" mac coz it hung 9 times in an hour when I was desperately trying to do an assignment with a program only available on the jelly. Friends assured me otherwise of Macs later on but I was obviously ambivalent. Besides, there was no reason to jump in til now.

So I took a while to think about my choices, 2 hours to be exact, coz it was hell getting out of the crowd and onto dinner. Everyone was hungry and annoyed, plus I was still in 3 minds, literally. Suddenly all the info on the pamplets didn't mean jack to me when I tried reading it over dinner. It wouldn't have mattered if I had picked one over the other and if I buy one now or weeks later coz I'd still be in 3 minds! They were pretty much similar in performance. That was when I told DH about it over messages. He said something along the lines of what I felt and added that eventually if everything is similar, then its aesthetics. I was so overwhelmed by the ram, the wireless cards & bluetooths that I forgot to see if I liked the outlook. That was when I marched back to the exhibition and prompty bought a MacBook. Naturally I had to settle for the 2.4Hz version coz I know well that I'll crank up if its eventually lacking. It came in a big slim pizza box which everyone was staring at in the mall coz apparently Sony was the popular choice. I didn't really like the outlook of the slim Dell nor the Sony coz it looked a little off from what I had in mind subconsciously, fingerprint recognition or not.

Anyhoo, Its a huge transition for a 20 year long PC user! (Yes, I'm that old.) I felt like I'd had sold my soul to satan! I had a bit of inauguration party in my room. Parisian jazz & tea was served. Champers would've been nice but its late. ;+) Just me and my shiny new mac. I was stoked when I slid open the box and found the incredibly aesthetically appealing styrofoam and the way everything was laid out. Now, thats, fabulous. (yeah, I like styrofoam, from Mac. Hah!)
I was instantly reminded of my very big old heavy iPod I bought yonkers ago for $800 and was stoked by the packaging too! PC relateds were always crummily packed. I guess thats what Apple's all about. Yaaay! Its weird how outlook/packaging can sometimes remove any misgivings/ambivalence.

I haven't really started the Macbook yet. Need a day to sit down and figure it out in solitude. *whew!* That was my account. I won't blame you if you're bored! Sori~!

Macbook users, being an Apple-dork, I'm gonna need help, shortcuts and stuff to know.
Good sites to recommend for help?
Thanks in advance!


Maluhia said...

yay! i'm a first time mac owner also and so far i love it. i bought mine 1 week ago and i'm still learning.

_pdra said...

Don't worry, you'll get the hang of using a Mac in a short while! Let me know by e-mail if you need help!

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