Saturday, April 12, 2008

Outlook not so good - lamentations

I miss Sydney. I really do. Its about all I can think about right now or at least for the past week I realised. Everytime something Australian gets to my eyes, I feel a real pinch to my heart. I blame Sandra's photos of Melbourne too. I'm kidding, I love your pics girl! I might not miss the fact that I got pushed off the subway train but a dork, but apparently it recently happened to a poor old lady. DH told me when he saw it published in MX paper. Anyhoo, I do miss Sydney a lot. I'm sure if you're in my shoes, you would too. Its 33degC hot here, 99% humidity. I can't think in the day and exams in 2 weeks. All that stats and statues ain't getting through. Plus living in a nut house isn't helping either. I'm not referring to my folks in the house, but the neighbors. Not sure what happened to the love thy neighbors commandment. Parents seem to have less control over their kids these days. I mean, make a difference between letting them have their freedom and endagering sanity of others, please. Let's talk about the lovely family right beside me. They have 2 girls who frequently pound the wall just next to my little factory corner. And every evening and weekends without fail, shout, scream and cry to the ends of time. And then there's the family from China who lives right upstairs. I mean, I don't wanna discriminate and they should have their freedom to do whatever. But really, do they need to let people know they are fighting by yelling for hours on end right beside the window? Not only that, they open doors, shut doors, slam down the toilet seat (wtf?!), open and close drawers etc, always in a banging fashion. They walk like dinosaurs,a nd I can tell exactly where they are at any one time. I developed strong desires to shoot them in the foot. And then there's the kids, who love to jump on the floor, slam stuff on the floor and yell "mommy, mommy" non-stop. Where's the damn mom?! They also hang wet laundry and drill holes at 12am sometimes. Phew, thats a lot to say. But living in paper-thin environment while the apartment blocks are 6 feet away from each other isn't helping. Most of the time, I love to stay up nights because of the slience and solitude otherwise missing all the time. Its so easy to get insomnia from the overstimulation every single day. I much prefer not to leave my apartment to deal with anyone outside. Cliche as it is, its cruel out there. Perhaps in major cities, people tend to demand more space and for the ones here in sg, they tend to overtake mine when they can't get some. That is not ok. Be nice.

I've just been feeling really lumpy lately. My head is splitting because the exams are looming and progress is really slow. There's this sinking feeling I can't shake off. Not to mention the loading of junk food into my body. I can literally feel myself expanding. Not good. Nothing seem to go well and its just hitting walls and more walls. DH thinks its stress. But thats like excuse for everything and not a good explanation either. I think I'm just really really sick of everything. I need to run away.

I really hope it gets better or at least in time for the exams.

ps, I booked my ticket to Sydney. I'm gone after the damn papers.

Annie: You're envying my problems? hehe Sure, let's have dinner. I'll let you know.


Annie said...

So envy of you, my dear friend. I think my immune system is taking revenge on me again, while my workload at this new workplace is starting to pile up when the laptop allocated to me is so cracky and the replacement laptop refused to have network connection. Can't work at all.

Sigh...maybe we can squeeze some time for dinner before you set off to meet DH?

_pdra said...

Aww hang in there Lyn! You'll be off to Sydney in just a few weeks time - it will be quick! :)
Hehee and I love your blog too! :D Good luck with the exam too!

And yay! Lyn is coming down to Australia!!!

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