Sunday, April 27, 2008


We've reached the big number! 1000 items sold to be exact! Its not a meaningless milestone for once! Monumental? We're beaming & grinning silly at the number on screen! LOL Its been such a great trip, discovering etsy, meeting awesome etsyers, having people buy our stuff and telling us they love us and the stuff we do, its SO much more heartening than a bottle of champers. So as we clink our glasses of lemon pellegrino tonight, we wanna extend huge, gigantic, enormous THANKS so everyone who made up that number! *hugs* Instead of showing the 1000th sale with gifts, we've extended that gift, making it an actual sale, listed a whole bunch of popular prints from our time here so everyone could join in and pick up a quality MiniZ or 2 at a great price! No cake, because we're hard at work, bringing you more stuff before the big vacay!

Say hello to Cherry Flowers Wonder! They came out early last year and was really popular! I think it was the gingham cherries. I secretly kept 1 piece but have since cut them up for the shoppe and these are hot off the table! Best part? On Sale, at $5. Love this print? Don't wait. If they are gone, they are really gone!

See you at florspace!

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