Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Spring Sale!

We've decided to put a whole bunch of really great MiniZs on sale at 5 bucks! They're perfect for gifts! One very nice lady told me she used it to put jewellery in them for presents. Imagine how cool it would be to receive something like that! People also use it as a wallet, camera, cell phone, mp3, usb, computer gadgets case, lippy, mints, pads, whatever you can think of that fits! Throw them around, use it to bits, thats what they are for! Each one is painstakingly made, stress points are double stitched with quality materials to withstand the most gruelling of lives!

If they get icky, soak in a bit of gentle detergent to ensure the print doesn't come off and wash. If you're really lazy, throw it in a laundry bag and into the machine, short cycle. You can do that with clothes only if you're sure the pieces in the load are colorfast! ;+)

What are you waiting for! Go shop already! hehe

1 comment:

Nicki Baker said...

Your Etsy items are adorable! You use the cutest fabrics.

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