Thursday, April 24, 2008

Happy Earth day!

Happy earth day guys! Wiki says I'm late. Remember to give the poor tattered earth a little hug!
I'm doing a couple of stuff to help...

Logging off early. (Did you watch SP's overlogging? Boy, that really hit me.)
Using energy-saving lights (I do this everyday but there's some non-energysaving lighting in my house that I'm not switching on this week at least.)
Buying local produce.
Recycling plastic bottles into planters & plant something! (Watch this for a tutorial)
Using my old envelopes and papers for scribbling instead of using new papers.
Bringing cans, glass and paper to the recycling bin.
Walking to the library instead of taking transport.
Using homemade cleaners and bodywashes.
Hug a tree.

Are you sustainable?

For more earth-friendly news, visit and


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