Saturday, April 19, 2008

Autumn Trees + OnSale!

Its loose! The 2nd last Autumn Trees cube ever to be released. I'm so sad as I recall cutting up the last bits of this print for the cubes and I've secretly held on to these for a while! LOL I'm in 4 minds if I wanna let the last one go so this might be the last one you'll ever see in the store! Oh, if anyone has this fabric & wanna sell it or have seen it someplace, I'm dying to have it! I don't even have the secret stash anymore, I swear. I'm loving the Japan import Clover gunmetal snaps a lot and prolly gotta find another gray/black tone print to put them on. They seem to look good only with the right fabrics. This came to mind, "Like couture, if it doesn't fit perfectly, its a disaster." (said Juliette, Petrovsky's ex-wife from SATC) That said, Autumn Trees isn't couture, but I'm very picky about visual pleasantries. ;+)

So yeah, do check it out sometime! + the OnSale Section! Tons of our yummy MiniZs are going on sale at ony $5 so do pick them up! Perfect for gifts, jewellery, cameras, mp3 players, USB drives & whatnots, cell phones, the list goes on!

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Camilla said...

Hello Lyn!
I came here to tell you that I'd like to exchange my blog address with you... I'll link your blog into mine (
Come visit me! : )

Thank you and great work, as always!

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