Saturday, April 19, 2008

Etsy Finds

How can you not love this guy? I've known CubistLiterature for a while and have always admired his amazing ability to knit, crochet and sew neatly. Unfortunately the men I've known are mostly straight, lazy and totally ignorant of the good ole domestic ways. In fact CubistLiterature is one of the first etsyers I came to know when I started snooping around the amazing etsy site! I was just scooting over to his store and realised he's even doing skirts! So there, even the guys are not bias. We should start doing stuff for the doods. Maybe get them interested in sewing. Check out this week's Threadbangers. The winner of the last Janome contest, Matthew loves his machine so much, I'm beginning to feel a bit guilty for ill-treating mine. Overtime with no rest. No fair trade in my house. I know she's gonna flare up sometime, like she did before. Yikes. Sorry girl!

So yeah, check out CubistLiterature! I'm also loving all his Tees, so radical. + he's cute. What more do you want?

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