Wednesday, November 01, 2006

New Mini Zippereds + News

Took me a couple of days to finish them. Some new, some re-runs, all beautiful! Hope you guys would love know where to find them! I'll be listing them through November. But if you want any in a hurry, just drop me a message, email, whatever. Or if you like any fabric but want it in a tote or pouch, fell free to let me know too. I made Beth (Sydney) a stripe/choco tote coz she liked the stripe fabric and now according to her, she wouldn't put the bag down! *laughs*

I'm just so glad people like my creations. I'm a lucky girl.

That aside, I have some glum things to say so you don't have to read if you don't wanna k?

Unfortunately my exams are coming in Dec and the reality of not having done much for my classes has started to sink in. I'll be stopping to sew for a while, maybe till me exams are over mid-dec. Its a long time for me! Maybe I'll try to sew when I get over-stressed since concentrating on sewing is much more rewarding! I'll be back full-force once I've cleared the papers. I have one more year to go with school, then its "free to be you and me"!

p/s: I'm a arts major grad but I'm trying to finish my CPA coz I gave it up halfway to pursue the degree in Sydney. Those 3.5 years were the time of my life! Uni days are the greatest so for those of you still in Uni, I say cherish it well. Coz once reality hits, its just plain ugly from there and it takes an enormous amount of effort to live a dream. All in all, I'm trying hard to live life to the full and plan to travel with my shop in future!

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amalissa said...


are your prices all priced in SGD? interested in a couple of old designs but they are mostly coin pouches, possible to make them into a clutch or tote?

thanks =D

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