Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Mushroom Mania mini tote

Mushroom Mania mini tote
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My absolute absolute favourite! I love the fabric soooo much, had such a hard time getting my hands on this one! The oat milk denim is from Japan too and I had only enough to make this tote and the Strawberry fields one. I know, I know, but I had to share! My fabric collection is as bad as it is and these fabrics go so well together I had to use it. Inspiration? Those famous Decole Lunch Totes at that I can never get unless I fly over to Japan. *tear*

Cuteness aside, this is one sturdy tote, with canvas and denim on the outside, and soft ivory cotton on the inside. The handles are made of the same denim and stitched twice all around for stability and neatness. One cute pocket inside for the smaller things.

Only One...10" by 8.5" by 3"


p/s: *psst!* has a matching mini pouch too! In the same fabrics which would make such a heavenly combination perfect for hoarding all to yourself! Maybe a Christmas present coz you've been angelic this year? Even if you've been bad, its an encouragement for a better next year! And I promise I won't tell Santa.... ;+)

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