Monday, November 01, 2010

Changing times...

We're in the midst of changing our ever famous MiniZs for the better! We've received some emails regarding the issue of us using grosgrain ribbons for the D-ring tab and sometimes the ribbon frays despite the reinforcements. So we've listened and we're switching the ribbons for 4 layered cottons or canvas for the D-ring tabs, so they'll last a long long time! It'll be perfect for using it with a swing strap and attaching your keys. The best news? Our be-ribboned MiniZs are on sale for $5! They're all made with care and reinforced of course! But if you need a super strong tab, go for the fabric ones! They won't budge even when we play tug of war with it! LOL Yup, thats all part of our quality test runs!

So check out the whole bunch of them landed in store! With several new prints as well! In limited numbers, so shop early for Christmas! And, if you need 10 or more, contact us for a better price of retail! :D

Check them out!

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