Friday, August 26, 2011

the long break... my apologies!

shot of the national day celebrations - Marina floating platform from my office at Raffles Place.

Hi guys! i'm terribly terribly sorry for the long disappearance. there were a lot going on and i had to take some time to figure things out a bit. i've received quite a number of convos and emails about my disappearance so i thought i'd better sort things out. this blog post is long overdue! (the "long" here is so underrated. LOL)

First of all, my sincerest apologies to all my ardent fans and lovely people who contacted me and i've not gotten back to. i will, promise! no words can possibly describe how thankful i am for the existence of you guys! seriously, you wonderful peeps motivated me to come back despite all the commitments. i'm dying to sew again, which i haven't for ever so long. i'm dreaming of the machine needles going up and down fresh fabrics. i know its time to start again, even if its small & slow.

Ok, i should recount already! my 2nd degree with RMIT (bachelor biz, accountancy) ended in december and i made a 2 month trip to see DH in Sydney before i had to start on work. then a little trip during the chinese new year to north east china with my parents since i haven't travelled with them in forever! it was so cold (neg 30C) but so beautiful. i had Jay Chou's music with me so it was pure magic. LOL. then its work, thanks so my lovely headhunter who was just waiting for me to jump back on the rat race. it was tough initially, loads of crap to clear and tons to learn. thank heavens it was a good trip, met some wonderful people with a decent boss. so its been alright so far. yes, i'm back to an office job. it somehow feels different...maybe i've learnt and grown a little, it feels like i've a better grip on things without having to spend ridiculous hours in the office like in my past jobs, before completely resenting the whole thing and quitting in the end. i hope this one will last me a while. i've also surprised DH with a short trip to Sydney during our 14th anniversary. Boss asked me to go. LOL DH has also made a trip here (snoring on the couch as i type. shhh) to singapore for my convocation on tuesday. he's gonna stick around til early october so i've got some company for a while. both our birthdays fall in sept, so we'll get to celebrate that since we haven't done so in years! :O its a little nuts, but i've also decided to continue with the last 5 papers of acca (chartered accountants qualification) so i may someday be an accountant. just for the sake of it. DH also urged me to make a plaque (was typing plague! :O) out of my degree so i can hang it in some office someday. i thought i'd hang it on the wall of a pretty country-like room surrounded with amazing fabrics, trinkets and trims, and of course sewing machines! LOL

so yeah....story of my life. short version. please don't feel ignored. i can't do custom orders for now due to my schedule (work, gym, classes, dh...) but i will try my best to come up with cute purses sporadically!

please do visit my little shop sometime!
we will have the long overdue FIFTH ANNIVERSARY SALE very soon!

(psst, if you're reading this & is hankering for something from our store, contact me for 50% off on anything in store!!! BUT, you'll have to tell me which is your favorite pic from any of the 3 links above in this post AND something you'll like to see in florspace's store in future. Go SHOP! :D)

Edit: Thanks for coming by, you amazing bunch of fs fans! thanks so much for keeping my little dream of creating purses alive! watch out for the sale a-comin' soon! :D


Marekita said...

Welcome back!

Think now it's time für a "big one" of your great shop. ;-)

Well, your pics are very nice. :-) Love the one with the parrot who is waiting for the train. :-D

Hope you will have some new autum/winter totes and I wish you could create a big one of your miniB. Would be great for traveling and all of my cosmetics.

Greetings from far away! ;-)

florspace said...

thanks for taking time out to comment! yup, the big one will be soon! :D

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