Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Marine dress

Before I start, Happy Diwali to my lovely friends. Today's festival of light marks a new year, and even more fabulous one for all you people ahead.

Inspired by the super cute purple dress by Crissi (next post below), I decided to finally do my own little official dress. I'd never did a proper cut out dress. It was always taking the easy way out, attaching some fabric to a stretchy material for the boob part. I thought I should grow up and embark on the real stuff. So, no pattern in mind or hand, I drew out a simple tank for the top, double layered the inside and out so I'll get nice flat seams. The secret is to snip the curve areas. The bottom is no secret, just a long rectangle. 2 rows of 1 inch wide elastic holds the center part together.

I'm partial towards marine styles, so 2 rows of white grosgrain ribbon trims the bottom. ;+) Love how it turned out, fits great. No zipper coz it can be pulled over. Easy. 7 hours of easy, that is. Now I wanna make some more. Certainly more rewarding than buying one off the shelves.

I leave you with a lovely song.

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