Saturday, June 30, 2007

Singapore is hot and lumpy

I'm back. Or not. I'm a bit confused actually. The turbulences of the BA pilots continues to rock my boat. Actually I've just got off the plane a couple of hours ago. Dad managed to pick up his new car so he picked me up.

To the fabulous bunch of people who were concerned about me and my bad experiences, Thank you so much you all. If the internet allowed hugs, I'll hug each one of you. Those sentiments mean so much to me, even just on screen. After that bad experience, everything went up from there. I met really nice people and visited suburbs, went to the great Jenolan Caves up in the Blue Mountains (DH insisted) and shopped a lot more. I'm actually having cargo sent back to me. How bad is that?! If anyone wants to know, my luggage on the plane was 27.4Kg. :P

The day before I was back, I came down with diarrhea and a bit of fever. It was kinda bad coz I wanted to spend time with DH and stuff. Anyways, I managed to get better and everything pretty much went well after. Its funny to say but I do miss Sydney a lot and to go on without DH for 5 months from now feels nothing but dread. However, he's got a post lecturing at the uni, our uni anyways, and for the 1st time in history, a BAhons is lecturing MA students. How cool is that?! Yeah, he's always the smart one. He's got 1st class hons and the school medal. p/s: I got nothing. LOL

I'm kinda tired from typing and crying all day so I'm gonna crash now and we'll see what happens from now. I hope I'll get better.....

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brittany said...

Oh my god... I just went to and it's like the most amazing thing of my life... thanks!

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