Sunday, February 08, 2009

NEW for 2009! MiniZ Extended Wristlets

Rendered in old-time filter :+)

Boy we're beat as hell! These new MiniZ Extendeds were suppose to hit town like weeks ago but it only got released yesterday and today. Phew! My days are jammed with school, projects, family and errand running! I barely sit and breathe and having those tea-brewing, novel reading quiet afternoons feel like miles away though I haven't stopped hoping! For the wonderfully patient people who are waiting for custom orders, please do let me have a bit more time! I apologise for the ridiculous wait but they are definitely on the list. I do want to make sure they are perfect before you get them! ;+)

Anyways, do check out the big bunch, 20 print designs of MiniZ Extended Wristlets available at the shoppe! You'll find a design for almost anyone for anything from everyday wallets, to ipod cozy. Available only in limited numbers, and just $14!

Right here!

ps: fancy the Hello Kitty ones? Check out the post right beneath this one, that is if its not sold out! ;+)

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