Saturday, May 02, 2009

a journey to sydney...

Couldn't wait to update the blog!

I finally took the A380 to Sydney. I didn't get a proper shot except the one I sneakily took up there, coz well, we're not supposed to snap pictures in the plane. I didn't sleep much, watched 3 movies + a drama (Bride Wars, The Tale of Despereaux, Yes Man, Californication) and had a great time on the plane, for once! No more stinky service and life-threatening landing from Qantas. No offense to Qantas lovers, but I had enough of them. Cheap fares or not, I don't think customers should be yelled at and forgetting my requests for a cup of plain water. The experience with SQ has always been great but the prices always made me think twice. Its just about 7 hours I'd always think so I'll be able to wait it out regardless of how suicidal it made me feel. Cutting to the chase, having been on an SQ A380, I can now tell you the experience is a gazillion times better than bring on stinky Qantas. The service was impeccable, food was yummy, seats were bigger, more egronomic & comfy, more leg room, screens were all working and bigger, movie selections were bigger, headsets were great. I was on the upper deck of the plane, right at the last seat. Taking off and landing was smooth. It was overall a tremendous experience!

I landed here in the morning at 6am, came back to me second home, opened the door and my other half was still sleeping! He got a shock when I stuck a finger up his nostril to wake him coz he didn't budge when I tickled him! hehe But since I hardly got any sleep the night before I kept falling asleep during the day! We went to North Sydney and Crows Nest, came back and made dinner and watched The Simpsons on TV. Didn't make it for Medium and CSI. Went to bed early coz I was dead tired. Today, bright and early, we went to the Rozelle and Balmain markets today and it was a lot of fun! Markets are amazing places with smiley people and very interesting things all lumped into one place! Had gozleme for breakkie and it was so good I can't believe I had hated it before! LOL The weather is amazingly cool and even when it started to rain in the evening when we headed home, it was a refreshing experience to walk in such a light rain. Its always pouring cats and dogs in Singapore. We're gonna go to bondi tomorrow, for the market, beach and mall. Pray I don't meet the ghost again! And hope it doesn't rain and ruin the market thing!



Annie said...

Wow...been ages since i go overseas for a holiday break. Hmm...I have not experience A380 flight yet but tried SQ flight o Taipei before and the service was great.

You have fun and cya back in July. It is extremely warm here now.

sheer whimsy said...

HOW FUN! hope you're having the loveliest of times!!

Hazel said...

What a great way to travel, glad your new flying experience was so good. Not too sure about the welcoming committee though :D
Enjoy your holiday, I will look forward to reading all your experiences.
Hazel x

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