Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bondi is haunted?

I didn't mean to scare anyone with the title but I had a weird experience in the loo near to Borders at Bondi Junction's Westfield.It wans't particularly late, maybe about 7pm. Westfield is obviously already closed, except Borders that stays open til 10. God bless 'em. We hung around borders reading and downing cocoa. Then it was leaving time coz I was dozing off and DH looked like a vamp. I thought I'd use the loo before we go. DH sat right outside at the couches. I went in, it was quiet. No one seems to be around. I went into the 1st cubicle nearest to the door coz I just wanted to get in and out. So I went in, bent and took some paper to clean the seat as I always do and suddenly incessant banging came from the next cubicle right beside me. it was obviously like someone using both fists and banging on the door and it didn't stop. I freaked out, opened the cubicle door and bolted. But the funny thing was the banging stopped the moment I opened the cubicle door. It felt really funny coz I was certain the next cubicle has no one in it. When I went in, the door was slightly open and the green thing on the door said vacant. Who would keep banging on the loo door? I went out, told DH about it and waited for a while outside but no one came out. Yikes.

I thought about it for a while when I got home but unless I paid another visit, it remains a mystery. Pretty freaky one too. :P


jek-a-go-go said...

ooooh spooky! i'm not sure I would want to go back!

marsha said...

Oh My God. That is SO SCARY! I'm glad you're all right tho cos I would've totally just passed out! Eeeeew, this gave me some serious goose bumps!

Hazel said...

That's pretty scary :O Think I would have peed my pants!!
Very weird, public loos are not the nicest of places to begin with, without the added spookiness.

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