Tuesday, May 20, 2008

bye bye Tourister.....Hello Tourister! (updated!)

I could cry! I'd wanted this case for the longest time and finally found it! A beautiful white Tourister in super condition. I bought it, paid for it regardless of the crazy shipping and poor Heather (Mayberriesvintage) took it to the PO only to be told she couldn't send something so large overseas! She'd tried everything, from asking the PO people for alternatives to going to UPS and finding out that its gonna take $400 to ship this baby. I'm out of ideas and it seems re-routing to Canada for surface mail might well cost $100 on top of everything. Exasperation!

I'm not sure why but I'm still very confused why USPS cancelled the surface shipping alternative and doesn't allow bigger things to be sent. Feels like a total dead end to me. And UPS isn't helping either. I'm still trying not to dream about Miss Tourister White. *tear*

Is anyone travelling from the US to Australia or Singapore? Anyone?

ps: Much thanks to Heather who put up with me during this whole shipping fiasco. She's got great things in her shop so do pop by!

Edit: Joe, the vPost charges would be crazier than re-routing it via canada. Thanks for the reminder though!

Exciting Update! - CY, who is coming back from NY has so nicely offered to bring the case back for me! *jumps up and down* Woohoo! Thank you SO much girl! I can't thank you enough! Yaaaay! I do have something to look forward to in July! ^___^


JoE said...

maybe you can try shipping to Singapore via vPost?

Chin Yee said...

contact me Lynn!!! I am in USA and we will be home soon, I would love to help you with shipping? Think we can work something out, as we are doing shipping home :)

Chin Yee said...

hi lynn, this is chin yee again.
i just checked out the luggage for you and shipping is 23 to us, is that alright? and shipping to singapore might be another cost...we are arranging for shipment for ard US$70 for a 2 ft x 2 ft x 2 ft box...so maybe the cost will be around another US$20? or lesser i figured. we will be shipping first week of june and shipment takes 3 wks - 1 mth.
pls do not publish this comment and contact me via chin-yee@live.com.
seeya goottta run!

Chin Yee said...

hi lyn,

i'd paid for the luggage! and heather had replied me that she will be posting out tomorrow to me. which is in time for our shipment. i am trying to see whether we can manage to hand carry back to sg. if we can! you might get the luggage earlier.

just a quick note to let you know.

seeya, chin yee

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