Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Shinzi Katoh Branche No. 4

I'm seriously sick of studying and infact, have gotten a bit sick too! The terribly warm weather is wrecking havoc on loads of people. Everyone's been sniffing and coughing in the library and I was mugging for the econs paper. (1 more to go Friday!) I think I got some of the germs. Oh well. So I decided to finish up this super cute tote set! I missed the first set I did with the black woven cottten handles but have been having trouble locating the right one so I had to pick it up before I could finish it. I love the sewdish cotton peeking out from the top! I didn't "finish" this one as you can see, no sewing lines on the Branche fabric. Actually the inside snaps were in the way but methinks it looks really zakka anyhoo. :+) But I had to overstitch the handles coz I experimented with a bunch of crazy thick & heavy texts inside and I could see the inside stitch a bit at the handles. I decide I won't be able to sleep at night without the overstitching. LOL So 4 small sewing spots on the inside can be seen. No biggie coz this way your tote will never fall apart! Yaay!

Right here. This is the last Branche tote before I go go!

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