Monday, May 12, 2008

Sydney updates + news

Its not hot anymore. I'm not sweating while I type this and I've gotten lazier. Yeah, I'm downunder right now. Plane ride on a QA was nicer than usual. Much better than the last time I took it and the attendant literally yelled at me to keep my bag under the seat when I was pepetually throwing up at the same time. It was hell. This time was fine. I would have much preferred being on an SQ but beggars can't be choosers. I watched 27 Dresses on the plane, hopefully to change my image about marriage. It was a nice movie but I still somehow find it difficult to say yes to commitment. I think I'm more of an escapist of everything I put my name on the dotted line for. Terrible behavior. Anyhoo, I dragged DH to the Rozelle market yesterday and already was high on the good old stuff and cool weather. It felt so good to walk around autumn leaves with a cup of hot tea in hand browsing through vintage books and checking out wooden rolling pins, lace and typewriters. I was in heaven! I got a paid of cute old tin door knockers and couldn't resist the Big Day Out 07 bag with a mushrooms on it. OK....I saw the mushroom first. At $5, its an insane steal! And I'm loving the shape a lot. My old timey suitcase/luggage infatuation is seriously getting out of hand. Yikes!

NEWS - Although I've got the stuff in my shop with me, I'm afraid shipping charges here is pretty out of hand. Unless anyone's willing to pay $20 for normal airmail shipping to get a wallet shipped over to america, I think I'd launch the cube wallets I intended to in July instead. What does everyone think? I know DH would be jumping for joy coz I can spend tons more time with him instead. So much for bringing everything with me! *tear* Hmm....I guess I'll spend time with my reads and knit. Woo-hoo for sabbatical!

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Hazel said...

Hi Lyn,
I'm glad you had a better flight this time and are enjoying being back in Sydney, especially the cooler weather :)

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