Sunday, May 04, 2008

Tote Time!

Ok, this is the most totes I've ever listed! (Probably) and its all yum stuff! I'm not sure if its the stress but even if it is, its making me make more stuff! LOL Its funny too coz I'm cutting up a number of fabrics which were once really really precious to me. I'm not waiting a sec to regret but I do marvel at the end result! I'm pretty happy with them especially when the crappy weather isn't forgiving these days. Its like 35degC out there and sweat comes even when I'm standing and not moving. Crazy but true. Wait, did all that rush to study, make stuff and sweat contribute to the 0.5kg weight loss? My dietian is pleased but I'm not sure how much this can go. I've given up walking in the snack aisle of the supermarket though... I fear the chocolates and potato chips in Woolworth's which would most definitely mark my demise. But I am looking forward to the cooler weather though I pray its not going to stop me from moving my ass. Winter time is always binge-ing time, curling up in front of the telly with wholesome soups and not moving an inch. Ooops. Oh wait, I'm really diverting now. I'm pretty sleepy right now but there, I promised Shinzi Katoh's Branche No. 3. Quite a number of people have asked for this so be quick if you're after it. This version is slightly smaller, with shorter straps coz the entire look of it was really to be cute!

Oooooh! Mushrooms! This highly coveted retro mushrooms print series is long retired and it was really tough getting hold of them. I'm sharing a bit in this bigger size everyday tote perfect for work and school. Oh and I made the handles a lot longer for girls who prefer longer handles. Had some requests for them so this one's for you!

Ooooooh! This one! I wasn't paying much attention but then it turned out so cute, I really wanted to keep it! It had been lying in the work-in-progress pile for a while and I finally pulled it out when I noticed the chocolate peeking from underneath everest. Perfect for people who pack light! I think I'm gonna create a series of these cute lunch-ing totes after vacay. Yaaay!

Finally a tote made from another print of the famouse Shinzi Katoh, called Kid's Land. I really fell in love with the cute animals and how understated they all are despite being cute and all. I think its tough to really combine chic and cute but there, he did it! The lemon handles really pulls everything together and makes it such a cheery little tote! Because its canvas, you can safely machine wash on a low cycle with gentle detergent. Not to worry, we double stitch all the pressure points and corners of our purses to ensure they don't fall apart. Unless you feed it to your dogs!

Go check them out now!
(I can't believe I spent Saturday night here! LOL)

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