Sunday, May 04, 2008

Lemon Doll Relist

This poor cute wallet got relisted coz the buyer didn't want to reply to emails nor pay for it. Poor girl. So if you were hankering for this cutie, its in my shop! The lemon buttons are the last ones and they were great snaps from Japan. I loved these but alas, I'll have to make another trip! I'm also out of this yummy print so its rather likely that this is the last you'll see of these cute kokeshi dolls on a cheery lemonade background! :+)

Right here!

Edit: Yaaay! Its sold to my old friend who bought it for her cute sis! So glad you got it girl! ;+)

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Ana Lopes said...

Hello Lyn!
I'm Ana Lopes from Portugal, where you from? I like very much this wallet but i wan't to know how much is the expenses of mail.
I want to say also that i like very muchh your work, it's lovely and perfect^__^
Kisses from portugal
Ana Lopes

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