Wednesday, August 11, 2010

the 3 months

Its a terrible cliche, but its true that time has become quite precious to me these days. It seems to be slipping away faster than running water and the more I try to hold onto to it, the more it escapes my clutches. I fear I'm not getting enough done yet I wanna run away from everything. Its definitely a strange tug-of-war.

My sincere apologies for the lack of updates in these 3 months. Apart from trying to spend time with my other half in Sydney who was trying to complete his Phd thesis (its completed btw), & coming back to the heat & school responsibilities & restocking the shop, I've hardly had time to breathe much. Its hard to believe but more than half the year has gone by. I'm still amazed and so humbled that everyone's still so supportive of florspace and the stuff we make!

Thank you & HUGs!


masko said...

Everybody has a life, and what you have been doing is absolutely amazing to me. I can't imagine how you can manage to have the time to make bags and pouches, then take care of the shop while studying plus doing house chores.

I see that you are a very strong woman but don't try and be a perfectionist. It's okay to spoil yourself sometimes. Take it easy my friend :D

Vicki said...

YAY - YOU'RE BACK!!! ^_^

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