Wednesday, August 11, 2010

4 YEARS, BIGGEST Anniversary SALE!

SO, the BIG, huge, ginormous news I've totally FORGOTTEN! Our FOURTH year anniversary SALE! Its ridiculous but I've been so bogged down with school (last semester, YAAAAY!) and restocking the shop & getting supplies, I've actually forgotten we've been hanging around for 4 years! Laughable, I know!

Cutting to the chase, SALE starts this FRIDAY night (Thursday for the west)!

Til End of AUGUST only!

30% off everything instore! (Biggest one yet, coz we love u guys!!)

ALL MiniZs & MiniBs @$5 (!!)

Singaporeans, you wonderful people get FREE post within SG
AND you can pay via paypal using your credit cards!

SHOP AWAY already! :D

Anniversary SALE Conditions:
1) Purse Straps, reserved, pre-orders, customs, additional requests not included in the sale.

2) Sale section items are not included
3) Payment is expected immediately at the time of order for international paying by paypal.
4) Local customers can pay by paypal using your credit card.

Note that every single purse that goes into the shoppe is all painstakingly made by hand so no sale-time rejects ever!

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